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Desert Eagle .50

Guy Ritchie Wochen bei 😀

1 comment Mai 28th, 2009

Schweinegrippe fordert erstes prominentes Opfer

Mrs. Piggy sollte sich was schämen!

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Charts Music – gesagt, getan

Nachtrag: Wär das nicht was für die Webstatistik? Wäre bei mir nen ziemlich trauriges Lied 😀

1 comment Januar 26th, 2009

Little Big Planet – Knuffig

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Maulwurf Spracherziehung

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Rapante, Rapante

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Code Qualität messen

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Tücken der Überbuchung

<Hiroe> he was dressed as a big fuckin devil
<Hiroe> like, HUGE costume
<Hiroe> 8-foot lizard wings, giant horns on the head
<Hiroe> at some anime con in california
<Hiroe> they were double booked with a southern Baptist group in the same hotel
<Hiroe> he’s riding the elevator down to the con space
<Hiroe> doors open, little old baptist woman standing there
<Hiroe> he just says „Going Down“ in his best evil voice

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“The fantasy element that explains the appeal of dungeon-clearing games to many programmers is neither the fire-breathing monsters nor the milky-skinned, semi-clad sirens; it is the experience of carrying out a task from start to finish without user requirements changing.”